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Comprehensive Arabic Language (Voice & Data) Support to Global Clients

Mezaat Arabic Academy, with a rich experience of 10 years in the industry, provides quality Arabic Language support to companies. Starting from traditional documentation works like translation of invoices, letters, export documents, till MNCs’ complex requirements like supporting Arabic speaking clients, maintaining data in tools, providing documents to internal and external employees, providing technical support in Arabic, exceeding the client satisfaction levels, and finally proving support in service provision, tool implementation and travelling at requested work site.

Our support is innovative, robust and success oriented. We work as project partners, as we also work as outsourcing partner.

The Arabic Academy gives you relief from lingual complexities required in the region and offers you opportunity to concentrate on core business, leaving the lingual part to us.

As customer satisfaction is the most important part of business, we maximize the satisfaction of your clients.

We offer special services for banks in the Middle East and provide data and voice services like Loan Documentation, Credit Card Application Process, Payment Reminders, Payment Follow-ups, updating tools, along with other OnDemand & Adhoc Services.

We will work as your Language Partner, charging less, but available 24/7.

Arabic Online Classes By MAC

Arabic, the language of The Holy Qur'an, the Arab world and one of the oldest and finest classical languages of the world, has been made easy to learn through our Live Arabic Classes. Mezaat Arabic Academy offers instructor–led online classes for Arabic language.

We offer Arabic learning courses for everyone. Arabic for understanding Holy Qur’an, Arabic for your business or Arabic just as a new language; this is for everyone.


You can attend our classes from home or office and you can choose a slot suitable to you, without compromising the great learning experience through an instructor. We teach 24/7.

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